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We are one of the most fast-growing wholesale private label candle companies in China.Scented candles,pillar candles and accessories of candles are all our major business.Although we have our own brand,customized candles are the most important part in our export business and our products with customers' own brand are sold many countries,like Singapore,India,Europe,Canada and US...We gained a good reputation due to our high-quality products and intimate service.And because of customers' support,we grow up quickly and have dozens of employees now.When we firstly established in 2013,only less than 5 employees are here.These years past,customers and us cooperated with us and grow up together.If you want to wholesale private label candles in China,pls contact with us and we will provide the best private label candles to you.


Custom surface treatment for best private label candle companies

Surface treatment for candle jars is very important,because it make a big difference to customers' choice when they are not familiar with this products.So luxury,unique,or charming surface treatment should be chose for your products.Whatever skills you custom,we can do it well.

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Custom lid for best private label candle companies

Metal lids tend to look heavy,but it will not be so if they are carved.Carved lids in gold look more luxurious and high-end.Besides,because of these holes,the lid needn’t be moved when burning.If there are pets at home,it is safer.

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Custom package for best private label candle companies

Package is custom based on your style.Usually luxury products will have more accessories.Any card,stickers or other materials,pls tell me and we will use them for your products.Thick box with a large window is popular,because buyers can know more about the products and then they can have more confidence in the products.

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Natural wax for for private label candle companies

Natural wax are widely used for they are environmental.But soy wax is softer so that 100% soy wax can not be used in pillar candle.But for this scented candle with cup,you do not worry stability.

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Best private label candle companies

CAIFEDE Arts & Crafts Ltd.,Co aims to provide the best private label candles all over the world and we always move towards this goal.These years since 2013,we have changed several cooperative factories and supplier,just to use the factories who produce the best products.We believe that praise from customers proves that we are becoming one of the best private label candle companies.

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