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We have been engaged in home fragrance for many years, scented candles, reed diffuser, candle holders and some products like this are all our major business. As a a professional candle manufacture, we dot only wholesale products with our own brand, but also welcome to custom your own private label products. We find that scented candles with private label are widely used in USA, especially in New York. We have cooperated with many distributors from New York for kinds of private label scented candles, among these candles, private label candles with glass candle holders are the most popular. Young people who live in New York usually have modern home decoration which is concise style. Simple glass scented candles are easy to match their home decor. If you are home fragrance supplier from New York, USA, we think this private label scented candles are worth your consideration.


High quality private label candle manufacturer New York

We cooperated with the best material suppliers in China who all adhere to high quality and standard process. We always guarantee the quality for wax, essential oil, wick and glass. If you have nominated suppliers, its ok to procure material from them.

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Luxury candle holder from private label candle manufacturer New York

This candle holder is clear glass. When the candles are put inside, It looks very layered and the orange light make candle warmer. The design that glass jar is higher than candle avoids the wax dropping. Clear glass candle holder and pillar candle looks simple but luxury that is very popular among young people.

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Multi-function candles from private label candle manufacturer New York

How do you deal with candle holder when candle is used up? This clear glass candle holder is easy to clean. Then you also can put candle in; If you do not want use it as candle holder, it is a good vase, brush pot, too. Clear glass really makes the cup have many uses.

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Private label candle manufacturer New York

Qingdao CAIFEDE Art & Crafts Co., Ltd established in 2017 and specialized in private label candles. As a famous candle manufacture in Shandong, we attract a lot of distributors from New York who sell private label candles. And we gain a good reputation due to great products. If you have demands for private label candle, pls contact with us.

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