Travel candle overwhelming and stong scented candle supplier Philippines

Burning time
1.6 in (H) * 2.4 in (D)
Whether OEM
L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal,Bank transfer
Delivery time
45-60 days after samples approved

After a week’s work, people prefer party outdoors. But the atmosphere outdoors is usually not good enough. Candle plays an important role in this situation. The atmosphere reaches a climax with both flickering light and favorable scent. But to be safe and portable, special travel candle is recommended rather than common scented candle. Travel candle usually is not too big and scent of it is overwhelming and strong. CAIFEDE is a company that is experienced in home fragrance. All customers who have cooperated admire that it is a perfect supplier. CAIFEDE has ever exported many travel candles to Philippines and did not get any complains.


  • Decent color scheme makes the travel candle look luxury and fashion.

Travel candle tin usually is short and cylindrical and is always solid color. Stickers with private label can be designed to present your corporate culture and put them in tins. To match the solid color, the design in stickers usually is not too fancy. The chic gold or sliver is welcomed for the ground color of tin.

travel-candle-tin- (4).jpg

  • Overwhelming scent for the travel candle.

Compared with common scented candles, scent of travel candle can be stronger because it does not used in an enclosed space. When the travel candle is lit outdoors, the scent will go with breeze if the scent is faint. So if want to have travel candle with scent, the feature that it is used outdoors has to be taken into account.

travel-candle-tin- (1).jpg

  • A particularly useful feature for this scented candle in Philippines.

The humid climate is a paradise of insects, as is the case in the Philippines. When have a camping, a scented candle which can repel insects is very worthy. CAIFEDE often export these travel candles and have experience to deploy fragrance that can repel insects, so trust us and contact with us and lets share experience.

travel-candle-tin- (3).jpg

  • Private label packaging for travel candle is welcomed.

Now we all realize that brand is one of the greatest values so more and more merchants want to have their own brand and promote their own brand. If so, any chance that can present your brand can be missed. Asides from stickers with private label pasting in travel candle tins, the private label can also be printed in external wrap like box and paper bag...

travel-candle-tin- (2).jpg

  • Scented candle supplier CAIFEDE welcomes your inquiry.

As a mature supplier of home fragrance, CAIFEDE has many experienced teams and can deal with any process in scented candles or other home fragrance. If you are a freshman who just starts your home fragrance business, feel free and contact with us and we are very pleased to share our experience.

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