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Every reed diffuser has its best market.For a reed diffuser,we can identify markets by its appearance and scent.A reed diffuser with lively packaging and red rose scent can target the teenagers.A reed diffuser with simple packaging and slight faint scent can target the white-collar.Then you can add your private label in this diffuser. CAIFEDE is a professional home fragrance manufacture and have enough experience to produce reed diffuser.


  • The lid of reed diffuser is made by aloe wood.

The lid which is made by aloe wood is irregular shape.The color of lid has set tones for the reed diffuse, which is more business style. So when design the bottle, simple color and simple shape is chosen firstly.

brown-reed-diffuser- (6).jpg

  • Dark grey color makes the scent reed diffuser look unique.

Square bottle is color sprayed external with dark grey which is same color with aloe wood lid. Dark grey color makes the reed diffuser look low-pitched. It is fine to put it in offier. Because the lid is a inverted  trapezoidal, so when it is put on bottle, the bottle does not contact with the lid completely and there is gap between the lid and bottle.This is a bright spot to make scent reed diffuser not too inflexible.

brown-reed-diffuser- (4).jpg

  • Golden private label makes reed diffuser looks modest luxury.

A golden private label is added in the bottle which makes the reed diffuser look luxury. As you know, surface treatment is easy to be done for glass bottle. So if you have any creative ideal that want to be showed in glass bottle, tell us and our design team and professional workers will make it come true. A good private label reed diffuse will be good to open the market that belongs to your own brand. If you think its color is not the best for you own brand but you really like the shape, tell us the color you want and we can offer samples to you. 

brown-reed-diffuser- (5).jpg

  • As a professional home fragrance manufacture, all scent you need can be offered by CAIFEDE.

Scents for this reed diffuser vary from woody,floral and citrus etc.For this style,most customer prefer some woody scents like Cedarwood & Juniper scent etc. But if you want other scents for this reed diffuser, custom scent is very welcomed. CAIFEDE is an experienced supplier, we always can offer satisfying aroma to every customer. As customers requirement, we offered som hot arom like wile blue bell, and we also develop some new arom to customer. Below is some common aroma we often offer to customers, of course not all of what we can do.



  • The intensity of scent for reed diffuser is controlled well and make the reed diffuse sell well in USA.

CAIFEDE has professional team to research how to deploy perfume. So the intensity of fragrance can be controlled well. The scent will not be overwhelming or too strong, neither will it make no difference to room's atmosphere. And CAIFEDE controls strictly the source of any material and does not use whatever is bad for people. Recent years, CAIFEDE has many USA customer, and per talk with them, USA young people prefer home fragrance recently because it can make them enjoy a cozy life. So a comfortable scent will make the home fragrance sold well.

brown-reed-diffuser- (3).jpg  

  • The reed stick for reed diffuser is high-quality.

Both nature rattan sticks and fiber sticks can be done by CAIFEDE. All sticks are porous and lightweight with processed with mildew proofing and drying treatment. If customers like various colors, fiber sticks are good. If customers want the stick have some designs like flower etc., nature rattan sticks are the first choice. No matter what requirement, CAIFEDE always has the best material to finish the sticks.

brown-reed-diffuser- (2).jpg


The number of sticks put in the bottle can affect scent.If you think the scent smells too strong, you can remove sticks. 

Keep away from kids and pets.

Do not put sticks and lid which is used on textile otherwise it maybe leaves stains.


Own brand custom Ireland aromatherapy oil reed diffuser gift set with private label

Free samples provided private label wholesale aromatherapy room reed diffuser in luxury box for home fragrance

Own brand customized private label scented candle and aroma reed diffuser gift set for wholesale

Own brand customized with private label hot selling aromatherapy oil reed room diffuser free samples provide

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